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Multibrowser is Ideal for affiliate marketing, forum management, and SMM agencies, our platform simplifies profile creation and management. separate profiles to comply with community guidelines, and protect your data. Enjoy the ease of automation for mass following and liking. Elevate your digital experience with Multibrowser.

Online Earning

Maximize your online earning potential with Multibrowser. Effortlessly manage multiple browser profiles for a seamless and secure digital experience. Collaborate securely, automate tasks, and stay ahead in the online earning game. Multibrowser is your all-in-one solution for thriving in the digital landscape.


Empower your development journey with Multibrowser. Seamlessly manage multiple browser profiles for secure and efficient coding, web scraping, and automation. Collaborate securely, automate tasks, and stay ahead in the dynamic development landscape. Step into a new era of coding convenience with Multibrowser

“MultiBrowser is a software solution designed to conceal and manage your digital fingerprint by manipulating all visible parameters to websites. Through the obfuscation of these settings, you can replicate a genuine internet identity, effectively circumventing anti-fraud systems.

MultiBrowser facilitates the creation of numerous profiles, each possessing its unique digital fingerprint. The distinctiveness of these profiles ensures non-overlapping characteristics, mitigating the risk of websites banning your accounts. This functionality proves valuable for executing diverse online tasks with enhanced anonymity and security.”

A Digital Fingerprint is an identification code comprised of comprehensive details about your system, location, installed plugins, and various other attributes associated with your device. Some key components that contribute to your digital fingerprint include:

These elements uniquely identify you, persisting even after IP changes, usage of secure browsers, and cookie clearing. They pose a significant obstacle to maintaining anonymity during web surfing. Therefore, it becomes imperative to obfuscate and mask this information. Traditional measures such as InPrivate browsing prove insufficient, and even the most secure browsers fall short in addressing this issue.”

“Governments, corporations, and hackers are well-versed in the significance of anonymity and consistently monitor your online identity. Some entities collect user information either for their own purposes or on behalf of others. Meanwhile, others vigilantly scrutinize activities like multi-accounting, placing strict limits on such behaviors.

The method by which websites discern the use of multiple accounts on a single device is through your digital fingerprint. This unique identifier links to your device, and if any activity is deemed inappropriate or suspicious, your endeavors in anonymous surfing could swiftly be compromised.”


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"Multibrowser revolutionized my data analysis. Unique fingerprints, easy proxy integration, and an in-built adblocker make it efficient. The user-friendly interface is a joy to work with!"
Ryan S.
Data Analyst
"Multibrowser is a must for digital marketers. Unique fingerprints, an adblocker, and easy proxy integration streamline my tasks. It's become an essential part of my marketing toolkit."
Alex M.
Digital Marketer
"Multibrowser simplifies my development tasks. Effortless profile management and a distraction-free adblocker make it my go-to tool. Easy proxy integration ensures security."
Jane D.
Web Developer

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